DISHOOM – A few thoughts

To find a ‘masala’ movie with an interesting premise and plot is not so common these days. That’s why when such a movie doesn’t do a lot with it, it’s even more frustrating to watch. And that is Dishoom’s biggest problem.

Star cricketer and India captain ‘Viraj’ – *Ahem* is kidnapped on the eve of an India Pakistan final in Abu Dhabi with a ransom call from a cricket-obsessed fan, no less. Cue to send in Buddy Cop Hero #1 – the tough, serious, law-breaking, chain smoking cop from India who joins forces with Buddy Cop Hero #2 – a good-hearted, bumbling, over-enthu, rookie yuppie. The unlikely twosome thus join forces to find the missing cricketer and catch whoever’s behind this.


The movie is full of all the cliches you can find in such a movie from personality clashes, item songs, mystery women, evil henchmen, chases through crowded areas (one that was very reminiscent of the last Tintin movie), it’s all there. Having said that, it’s quite funny, the pace is fairly frenetic and things never get boring through most of the first half. Our heroes share banter, actors make interesting cameos including one absolutely hilarious one. Call it the curse of the second half or whatever you will, after an engaging setup, things then just fizzle out. The much awaited and promised confrontation between our heroes and baddies pretty much never happens.

The performances are reduced to our two chiseled leading men demonstrating a lot of swag, women looking very sexy and Akshaye Khanna trying to be very menacing. John Abraham is… well John Abraham. Varun Dhawan, although funny occasionally, seems to have played the good hearted simpleton far too often even in his short career but Akshaye Khanna who I was most looking forward to, is let down by a ridiculously limply written part. And there’s Bradman the bulldog who charms and could give HAHK’s Tuffy a run for his money.

Thanks to the hulking  men, hot women and the exotic luxurious locales of the UAE, the movie is definitely easy on the eye. Sau Tarah Ke is a catchy number but you wish it was shot better. And the awfully worded Jaaneman Aah featuring a sizzling Parineeti turns up right at the very end. All this ends up taking the film from a potentially timepass fare to a strictly average one at best by the end of it.

The ultimate irony is that a movie called Dishoom doesn’t throw a single punch when needed.

My scoDishoom1re: 5 on 10


Genre: Comedy, Action

Directed by: Rohit Dhawan

Starring: John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Akshaye Khanna, Jacqueline Fernandez

Running time: 124 minutes


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