GOLMAAL AGAIN – A few thoughts

Non-stop laughter resulting from slapstick comedy and a barrage of PJs is what you expect when you set out to watch a Golmaal movie. This movie doles those out to good effect and adds some emotions and a semblance of a plot too. Mostly it works, at times drags a bit.

So this time our loony bunch find themselves among the tea gardens of Ooty & Coonnoor and in a haunted house that has “aatmaas”. Why? And what happens next forms the crux of the movie. Rest assured, chaos will ensue and all hell will break loose.


Ajay Devgn leads the brat pack and they all do exactly what they’ve been doing three times before. The supporting characters are all there and are adequately funny – Johnny Lever was my pick of the lot. There are two new ladies in the ensemble and I wish there was more of them. Parineeti does well and looks a million bucks. As does Tabu but I wanted a lot more of her. There’s a voice-over cameo in the movie culminating in an actual one and that thread was pretty funny.

The music is nothing special, like all the films in the franchise. This one remixes two popular 90s oldies, thankfully not butchering them.

The production values are good, the color palette is nice and bright and I really liked the special effects used in the climactic scene featuring – books!

On the negative side, the movie features two far too long extended flashbacks and drags in a few places. Those looking for pure comedy might be disappointed with the emotional quotient the movie packs in – more so in the second half.

All in all, Golmaal Again lands most of its jokes and is mostly what was promised – a very effective and entertaining Diwali release. Just remember the warning: No logic, only magic!


My score: 6.5 on 10


Directed by: Rohit Shetty

Starring: Ajay Devgn, Parineeti Chopra, Tabu

Running time: 151 minutes