BLACKMAIL – Badla song promo

Here’s a new song from Blackmail. Out on April 6.


QARIB QARIB SINGLLE – A few thoughts

Oh I love unconventional romcoms. Pretty much as much as I dislike the conventional ones. Thankfully, Qarib Qarib Singlle is mostly quite unique.

So when a reluctant woman and a willing man (both in their mid to late 30s) decide to meet-up through an online dating site, things become – interesting, to say the least! Opposites attract they say, and so we see. Because, despite finding him pretty annoying, our woman can’t quite cut the cord and hangs on to him to head off on a road trip (of sorts!)


This isn’t a very plot heavy film and so it relies on the chemistry between the two leads and  some smart, funny writing. Irrfan is in top comic form, as usual, and gets to deliver some hilarious punch lines. Newcomer to Hindi films – Parvathy is quite a revelation. She displays a gamut of expressions and emotions and I loved the fact that the story is told from her point of view. Irrfan delivers the funny lines. She reacts. They feed off each other brilliantly.

The film meanders a bit in its penultimate act as it aims to give closure to both their individual stories. There are a couple of interesting cameos and a couple of mundane ones. Also, someone please give Brijendra Kala longer roles. He is terrific!

Tanuja Chandra’s Qarib Qarib Singlle gives us a fresh look at getting a chance to find love and companionship a bit later in life and for a second time. Or maybe a fourth. It is cute and charmingly old school and Qarib Qarib Super.


My score: 7 on 10


Directed by: Tanuja Chandra

Starring: Irrfan Khan, Parvathy Thirovuth

Running time: 125 minutes